Day 5: Dawn of a New Era

Day five opens on three norns living out quiet lives in the Meso. Harmonia and Nabu continue their gently budding romance while Padmavati enjoys a calm and solitary existance on the main level. The soothing sounds of stingers buzzing and pappuses popping filled the air in this idealic nornian lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the Bridge held the more adventurous souls of Nechtan, Eran, Atlanta, and Danae. Food was scarcer here. The metal corridors were cold and unforgiving. Yet these four norns had left paradise to be here, so maybe there was something more to the Bridge than meets the eye.

And indeed, mere moments later Nechtan and Atlanta took the plunge into parenthood! Maybe it was something in the air, but the world’s first kiss-pop resounded through the `metal halls. Atlanta had never been intimidated by Nechtan’s scaly visage and this open-mindedness paid off as the civet norn carried the first egg of the second generation. Soon the first naturally born norn would enter the world.

Atlanta may have enjoyed the adventures that could be found on the Bridge, but she must have realized it wasn’t an ideal location for a brand new nornling to get their bearings. So Atlanta began the not-terribly-arduous journey back to the Meso. Eran even came through to see the new mother off! I am sure that was the only reason for his presence and had nothing to do with a continued obsession with the Electro-Lift.

Atlanta soon laid a red-speckled egg in the safety of the Meso. Padmavati watched the other norn march past with a bit of sadness, expressing for the first time feeling trapped. Maybe the lure of a hermit-like existence was fading with the implications that came with watching the proud new mother. Padmavati would have to rely on a lucky stop by a traveling male if she ever wanted to become a mother in her own right and leave her mark on the next generation.

Atlanta and Padmavati had been casual friends in the past and there was a touching moment as Atlanta made her way back to the main level. Atlanta tried to explain to Padmavati how to push a door to travel to new places. Sadly, it was not to be. The concept of doors and lifts were simply outside of Padmavati’s ability to comprehend and not even Atlanta’s best efforts was ever going to change that.

Atlanta decided against traveling back to the Bridge for the moment. Maybe she wanted to stick around for the hatching of her egg, maybe she wanted to be there for Padmavati, or maybe she just suddenly remembered the draw of the Musicollo and the great parties that were to be had there. Whatever the reason, it looked like the Meso was going to be home once more and Nabu and Harmonia were excited about her return.

Eran managed to pull away from his current obsession to return to the Meso. I am not sure whether he was just curious as to what Atlanta was up to or if he had decided that Bridge life was just a little too intense for him, but either way his arrival could signal an opportunity for Padmavati. Eran had not yet reached the youth life stage, but two males in the Meso doubled her chances of one of them stopping by at the right time!

The speckled egg stirred with life, and I could only hope it would produce a healthy norn to start the next generation. From the egg burst a very surprising little male! He had inherited a lot of his appearance from his father, including the pigment swap genes, which gave him a pale, almost ghostly appearance. His mother’s golden locks had been replaced with a shockingly green mane. For his body, head, and tail he had taken after his mother. But at his limbs fur gave way to scales and tiny wings fluttered out behind him. I named him Fintan, which is an Irish name meaning white fire.

Fintan soon met up with his mother and they almost appeared to embrace. Norns are not really known for their parental instincts, largely forgetting about an egg as soon as it’s laid, but maybe Atlanta recognized something in this fine ghostly fellow. Fintan is already a very unique norn with a color scheme I have never seen before on any standard breed. He is a strong beginning into the next generation. As for Atlanta, maybe she was just happy to have a new norn to introduce to the Musicollo!

Fintan’s birth marked the begging of a new era for the world. The Bridge population has become rather depleted with the migration of Atlanta and Eran, leaving only Nechtan and Danae to carry the torch of nornish life in this area. A new first generation norn would be born soon, in keeping with the spirit of diversity. The population was growing, and the world with it. Soon all of the original population would reach adulthood and things would get more competitive as norns tried to reach that ultimate goal of evolution: leaving their mark on the generation.

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